The Princess Alicia Gown


Long ago in a land far, far away, there lived a beautiful little princess called Alicia. Just like other princesses she loved sparkly things, pretty clothes and any opportunity to dress up in her best princess gowns. But one thing that separated Karam from her princess friends was her love of languages. At twelve she could already speak fluently the languages of three of their neighbouring kingdoms and much of her study time was taken up learning a fourth.


The other thing Princess Alicia loved to do was to sneak out of the palace and explore. It is not at all surprising then that at the beginning of this story we find her miles from home, trekking through an ancient valley with her best friend, and head of the palace guard, Nazim.


“Slow down will you,” called Nazim, panting as he perched himself on a rock to rest. He was not made for running and the princess was like a gazelle the way she bounded along – he had little hope of keeping up. “You know your father asked me to keep you safe and I can’t do that if you keep running off,” he said, as she disappeared around a huge boulder. Her sudden cry made him jump to his feet, and he ran to see what was wrong. As he rounded the boulder he found the princess kneeling over a boy in ragged clothes, lying sunburnt and exhausted on the rocky ground. The boy mumbled something in a language neither of them had heard before and passed out.


The princess insisted that Nazim carry the boy back to the palace, where he was nursed back to health over the next few weeks. The greatest minds in the kingdom were summoned to try to communicate with him, to find out who he was and where he had come from. But try as they might, none could understand his strange language, and, as time passed, one after another they gave up trying. All but one that is. Princess Alicia spent every day with the boy, slowly, but surely learning how to communicate with him, and slowly, but surely falling deeper and deeper in love with him until one day he was able to tell her his story.


In truth, he was a prince from a kingdom far, far away, and one day when he was out walking, bandits had captured him and taken him far from home. Finally escaping, he had wandered lost until Alicia and Nazim found him.


Princess Karam’s father sent a messenger to the boy’s kingdom and, when his mother and father arrived, a great ball was held to welcome them. Princess Karam wore her blush pink gown covered all over with jewels and feathers. They made such a handsome couple, the princess and the raggedy boy, now in all his princely finery. And, as all fairy tales should end, they lived happily ever after.

The Princess Alicia Gown

  • The Princess Alicia gown was inspired by the real Princess Karam from India who was fluent in many languages, and widely considered to be one of the most glamorous women of her day. This unique and stunning gown has been created from ivory Habotai silk covered in lace jewels, beaded with feathers and Swarovski crystals.