The Princess Ameerah Gown


The end of the school year was coming up fast and the playground was abuzz with talk of the Summertime Prom. Each year, the oldest boys and girls in the school would attend the glitziest, most glamorous, most incredible party, and this year’s was tipped to be the biggest and the best ever.


The chatter that afternoon, as it had been for some weeks, was what everyone was going to wear to the big event. “I can’t wait, oh, I just can’t wait,” cried one of Princess Ameerah’s friends. “I can finally wear my best dress,” said another, and “You’ll look a-a-ama-a-azing in your red gown,” said a third to the princess. But Princess Ameerah was distracted and didn’t reply. She wasn’t listening, because across the playground from her little band of friends something was going on, something she didn’t much like the look of.


“Nohar’s ball gown’s made of sacks”, “yeah, and she’s got no make-up”, “and she’s too poor to have a carriage to the prom”. These were the words that Ameerah heard. Three of the biggest girls in school were being nasty to poor little Nohar. Children can be cruel sometimes, and just because Nohar didn’t come from a family at the royal court she was often picked on.


Well, this had happened once too often for Princess Ameerah to bear. She strode over to the three bullies and gave them a look that could freeze a dragon in mid-flight. They took a step back involuntarily and started to mumble things about ‘being sorry’ and ‘having somewhere else to be’ before hurrying off shamefaced. Princess Ameerah put her arm round Nohar and wiped the tears from her eyes. “Don’t worry,” she said, “Why don’t you come to the palace after school and you can pick out any dress you like to wear to the prom?” Nohar’s eyes lit up at the thought of the Princess’s vast wardrobe of gowns, and that afternoon the two girls played dress up for hours and hours until the perfect gown was found. It was Princess Ameerah’s favourite, the red and silky one covered in lace with a sensationally long train. In fact, she had been thinking of wearing it herself, but she so wanted little Nohar to be happy that she didn’t even mention that.


The day of the prom arrived and Princess Ameerah invited Nohar to ride with her in her carriage all the way there. When little Nohar entered the grand hall everyone turned and stared, she looked so pretty. Nohar felt truly beautiful and she had the best night of her life. Princess Ameerah smiled to herself. She’d done a really nice thing and that was worth any number of red dresses.

The Princess Ameerah Gown

  • If you have a little princess who is strong and kind, someone who delights in seeing happiness in others, then the Princess Ameerah gown may well be for her. With its sweetheart neckline and long dramatic sleeves, vibrant red Habotai silk and long flowing tulle skirt it’s a stunning addition to any little princess’s wardrobe.