The Princess Angelica Gown


If you travel for eight thousand miles or more over hills and forests, seas and deserts, you will come to a land of such wonder that you might imagine you were in a different world. Giant tusked and horned creatures roam the plains, great herds of animals create swirling dust storms that can be seen for miles, the treetops are a-chatter with voices, and the birds blaze with exotic colours. This is a land where the rivers rage, the lakes are still as glass and the red, red sunset sets the mountains ablaze, each and every night.


With so much to see in her kingdom, it was no wonder that Princess Angelica loved to explore – she loved to venture out into the world, but most of all she loved to paint what she had seen each day.


“Put on your painting smock,” her mother would call out when she saw her little princess setting up her easel. And, for the most part, though she didn’t really want to, Princess Angelica would do what the queen had asked before splashing a rainbow of colours onto the canvas.


One day after Princess Angelica had painted her latest masterpiece – a great spotted cat with a long tail, big yellow eyes and a little pink nose – she saw that she’d forgotten to put her smock on over her favourite dress. And, worse still, she was covered from head to toe in paint. What would her mother say, what would her mother say?


She was so worried that she sneaked into her room and got changed, hiding the paint-smeared dress at the very back of the wardrobe, then went to hide because she couldn’t face her mother.


Hours later the queen was beginning to get worried. The princess had missed lunch and dinner and nobody knew where she was. The queen went to look for her daughter herself and after quite some searching, found her throwing stones into the river. Tears in her eyes, the little princess explained what had happened, but, to her surprise, the queen was not upset. She led her daughter into her room and hanging on the wardrobe door was the most glorious gown the princess had ever seen. Ivory in colour, it flowed with layer after layer of silk and tulle.


Princess Angelica couldn’t believe her eyes. The queen explained that when she was looking for her daughter she’d found the paint-stained dress at the back of the wardrobe. And, knowing that it was her daughter’s favourite, she ordered the royal seamstresses to make the most dazzling, the most enchanting gown they could to replace it.


The little princess hugged her mother hard, and didn’t stop saying ‘thank you’ for days. And, from that day to this, she’s never once forgotten to wear her smock when she feels like painting a picture.

The Princess Angelina Gown

  • The Princess Angelica gown has been created by our own incredible seamstresses to be haute couture in style and quality. Designed for little princesses across the globe who wish to stand out from the crowd and who were born to break the rules – or at least bend them a little?