The Princess Catharina Gown


Princess Catharina was in a hurry to grow up. She was ten years old and simply couldn’t understand why she shouldn’t be treated like an adult. She had to go along to all the state events, the balls, the market openings and the parades. She had to do all the fancy waving and looking regal, what more was there to running the kingdom than that?


“I wish I was queen, it’d be so easy to just wave and walk with poise and allow people to do everything for me,” she said to her mother. “Yes dear,” replied the queen, as this was not the first time she’d heard from her daughter how easy it would be to do her job. She decided that it was about time that Princess Catharina had a taste of what would one day be her responsibility. So she told her daughter that the following weekend, she and the king were going away for the day and Catharina would be left in charge when they went.


Princess Catharina was so excited she almost couldn’t wait, but Saturday did eventually arrive. The king and queen knew very well that their courtiers would look after the little princess so they left reasonably confident that nothing too disastrous could happen in their absence.


The first thing that Princess Catharina had to do was to look the part, so she immediately changed into her most queenly gown – a lovely white silk one with a beautiful crystal flower on the belt. Right, what now? As she sat on her mother’s throne, the doors to the great hall were flung open and a messenger came panting in. “Your majesty, the Prince of Unchinae is here on an urgent matter.” The poor messenger was swept aside as the rude prince, a boy just a few years older than Catharina, strode in and looked around. “Where are your parents little girl,” demanded the prince. Princess Catharina wasn’t going to let him talk to her like that! Who did he think he was? She flew into a rage and gave the prince such a telling off that he left without saying another word.


Afterwards, once she’d calmed down, she worried about what she’d done. She’d not acted in a queenly manner; in fact she’d acted like a ten-year-old girl. This made her very worried about what her parents would say, and whether she might have caused problems with the prince’s kingdom. When her parents returned, she cried and told them what had happened. They smiled and explained that the prince’s parents had already been in touch and they were not at all upset. In fact, they were glad that someone had finally stood up to their son because they knew he could, sometimes, be rude.


“We’re taking another day away next weekend as well, my dear, would you like to run the kingdom again,” asked the queen. But Princess Catharina had had quite enough of being queen for now, she decided that she’d rather be a ten-year-old for a little longer, maybe next year she could be queen… Eleven would be old enough, wouldn’t it?

The Princess Catharina Gown

  • The Princess Catharina gown is for all those little princesses who have dreamed of being bigger, stronger, faster, smarter or older. From time to time we all imagine how good it might be to be more than we are today, it’s what spurs us on to be that person tomorrow, and that drive and ambition is what inspired us to design this gown.