The Princess Charlotte Gown


The trumpets sounded as the palace gates slowly, majestically, swept open and Princess Charlotte, riding her faithful pony Peggy, trotted into the courtyard smiling from ear to ear.


“What have I told you about riding in your best clothes Charlotte?” asked her father, as he strode purposefully down the palace steps to greet her. “Sorry father,” replied the princess, her smile instantly disappearing and being replaced with a sorry frown.


There were two things that Princess Charlotte loved more than anything else – her shaggy-maned Shetland pony and her favourite royal-blue gown, the one her aunt had bought for her. And sometimes, when she thought nobody was watching, she decided that the best way to enjoy them both was to do so at the same time, which is why, once in a while, she would sneak out of the royal palace on Peggy.


She wouldn’t go far, just around the park once or twice, laughing as the puffy layers of her blue dress bounced up and down to the rhythm of her galloping. Then she would sit for a while under her favourite tree, watching the sun glisten through the crystals that had been delicately sewn into the neckline of her gown as Peggy munched noisily on the lush long grass.


This time she’d been caught – this time her father had seen her return, with grass in her hair and wild flowers woven into Peggy’s shaggy mane. But, as she walked past her father, head bowed and wearing a look of guilt, she was already thinking to herself ‘I must be more careful next time’. And, as she ran up the stairs to change for dinner, she smiled, because there would be a next time...

The Princess Charlotte Gown

  • The Princess Charlotte gown has been created for all little princesses with a passion for fun and the confidence to follow their hearts and dreams. Its royal blue silk, layers of tulle and the Swarovski crystal neckline, along with its unique shape and chic styling, make it an enchanting addition to any little princess’s wardrobe.