The Princess Gabriella Gown


Ever since she was little, Princess Gabriella had loved the carousel. The feeling of the wind on her face as she was whisked around and around, faster and faster. Riding the little horses that bobbed up and down in time with the jingly music that played while the carousel spun was just wonderful fun. Every summer festival for as long as she could remember, the carousel men would arrive and every day for the next week the little princess and her friends would ride the carousel from morning ’till night, or at least until their parents suggested that enough was enough.


Of course, it was not just the carousel she loved – there was sugary pink candyfloss, the flower show, and much, much more, but the carousel was the thing she longed for most of all until the summer festival rolled around each year.


Festival time arrived once more and on the day of the grand opening, Princess Gabriella and her friends ran down to the village green together. There was the candyfloss stall and the flower show, the hook-a-duck stand and the bouncy slide, but where was the carousel? Where it stood each year was just an empty space. They sat and they waited, and they waited and waited, but still no carousel.


“Why the long faces,” asked the queen when she saw the little troop of friends sitting on the grass looking so glum among all the fun and festivities. The girls told her about the missing carousel so the queen sent out a search party. Luckily the searchers found the carousel quickly – it was just over the hill in the next valley, stuck where it was because a wheel had come off one of their carts.


All the villagers, Princess Gabriella and her friends went to help and in no time flat the cart was fixed and the carousel was ready for its first run of the season. “Who wants to ride the carousel first,” shouted the master of the carousel, and five hands shot up as Princess Gabriella and her friends jumped up and down hoping they would be chosen. They were, and they rode the carousel until the sun went down behind the hills beyond the town, and rode it again the next day and the next…

The Princess Gabriella Gown

  • The Princess Gabriella gown was inspired by a day at a summer festival, with candy pink Habotai silk crumbcatcher bodice and layer upon layer of long flowing tulle fashioned to look like flowers. If your little princess lights up when the fair comes to town, loves candyfloss or dreams of all things pink and fairy-like, then the Princess Gabriella gown may well be the one you’re looking for.