The Princess Iman Gown


The most exciting day in the royal calendar was the day the cinema came to town. Now you and I know the cinema to be a big multiplex with ten or more movies showing each night, but in Princess Iman’s kingdom the cinema was a little more modest than that. Fit for royalty of course, but certainly more modest.


Once a year a travelling cinema would arrive. A troop of cine-men would roll into town and spend the whole day putting up a huge cinema screen in the village square and setting up all the magical technology that made it work. Then everyone from the village would bring out chairs and cushions, blankets, and all the wondrous food anyone could possibly want to eat so the children could have the best night of the year.


This year Princess Iman was old enough to attend the celebrations for the first time and she was so excited she could hardly contain her joy. She’d get to see her first movie, stay up late and play with her friends from the village.


Finally, it was six o’clock and Princess Iman, dressed in her favourite lilac party dress, with violet and candy coloured flowers on it, was waiting impatiently for her carriage to arrive. “Where is it, where is it,” she cried, as she hopped from one foot to another. “Don’t worry Iman dear, they’ll be here soon enough,” chuckled her mother, delighting in the joy she could see in her daughter’s eyes. And, sure enough, at that very moment, the royal coach came clattering across the palace’s cobbled courtyard. The coachman apologised to the queen as they all boarded the coach. “Truly sorry your highness, the muddy roads delayed us.”


He was not wrong. The coach bumped and slipped, jogged and squelched its way to the village. Then disaster struck. Or, to be more precise, disaster stuck, because the carriage, which had been doing pretty well up until that point, got trapped in a great bog of mud just outside the village. Try as he might, the trusty coachman could not get the carriage unstuck. The princess wanted to jump out of the carriage and squelch across the mud, even if it meant getting her beautiful gown dirty, just so she would not miss the cinema, but she knew her mother and father would not approve. She looked up sorrowfully, and to her surprise her father climbed down into the muddy bog and beckoned to her to climb onto his back.


She scrambled, as ladylike as she could, out of the carriage and onto the king’s back and he waded strongly through the bog to the village. Then, with a kindly smile, he lifted her off his shoulders and gestured for her to run along while he went back to rescue the queen.


Princess Iman had a wondrous evening. She stayed up late and played with her friends, she got to watch her first movie and ate her fill of sweets and cake. All because she had the best dad in the world.

The Princess Iman Gown

  • The Princess Iman Gown has been created for little princesses with imagination and adventure in their bones. The pretty lilac duchesse silk flows down to a cascade of tulle with a sweeping train and it is covered in pretty violet and candy pink flowers.