The Princess Leonor Gown


“Wake up my little princess, wake up,” came the queen’s soft voice. Princess Leonor jumped out of bed with an excited squeak of joy, ran past her mother and threw open the curtains to another beautifully warm morning. And, as the sunlight streamed through the palace’s tall ornate windows, the little princess turned, head in her hands, and started to cry.


“It’s winter, mother, it’s winter, so when is it going to snow?” she sobbed. “Don’t worry my darling, I just know it will be soon,” said the queen, holding her daughter close to comfort her.


The queen knew only too well how much her daughter loved the snow. How she delighted in dancing around on cold winter mornings to catch snowflakes as they fell and building snow castles in the courtyard with her father. But it was so rare in their kingdom to have snow in winter and the queen worried that this year it might not come at all. She wished for it with all her heart so she didn’t have to see such sadness in her daughter’s eyes each morning.


She consulted the wisest people in the land about how they could make it snow. The royal meteorologist suggested catapulting large ice blocks into the clouds to encourage them to snow, but that didn’t work and they had to stop when one fell through the cobbler’s roof. The royal air force commander suggested dropping ice slushies from the royal balloon into the clouds, but there were too many complaints from the locals that the slushies fell on. And the royal chef got completely the wrong idea when the queen asked about frosting, though everyone did like the cake he made as a result.


The night of the winter ball rolled around and everyone dressed in their finest clothes. Princess Leanor wore her new dress, the one with the beautifully embroidered silk and lace bodice, light pink gown and duck egg coloured bow. She felt magical, but there was still something missing… it still hadn’t snowed.


Everyone in the kingdom came that night, and the dance in the Great Hall was in full flow when a whisper became a wave of chattering and people started, as one, to move towards the windows. Outside, whirling and fluttering, falling and dancing on the wind, were big fat snowflakes. They must have been falling for some time without anyone noticing because the palace grounds were already covered in a thick blanket of white.


Princess Leonor ran outside and danced around, her hands held up to catch the snowflakes as they fell, and the queen’s heart was filled with joy as she watched her husband and daughter, in full royal ball attire, building castles in the snow.

The Princess Leonor Gown

  • The Princess Leonor gown was inspired by a real-life royal princess who just loves all things snowy. The intricate embroidery of this gown, the subtle hues of pink, white and green, and the magnificent bow, make it perfect for any sophisticated little princess, born to be as graceful as she is beautiful.