The Princess Lilow Gown


Throughout the kingdom there was no one as fair and lovely as Princess Lilow. She was so beautiful and kind that all her subjects loved her and, of course, she had lots of friends to play with. But the most striking thing about the princess was her hair, her long flowing silky hazel-brown hair. For, each night when she went to sleep, an ancient and mischievous magic would go to work and her hair would grow and grow and grow, so that by the morning it would cover her entire bed like an extra soft blanket, trailing to the floor in great shimmering waves.


Princess Lilow loved her long locks and each morning when she awoke she would let out a cry of joy and dance around her room because she was so happy. Lilow’s friends loved her hair too, because they could plait and braid it, straighten it and curl it, and best of all, decorate it with hundreds of the princess’s glittery bejewelled combs, pins and hair vines until it was a cascade of sparkles.


Much to the princess’s disappointment, and complaint, every day the queen would call for the royal barber and he would cut and snip and crimp and comb her hair.


But one day the royal barber caught a cold. He sniffled and he sneezed, he coughed and he wheezed, and try as he might he couldn’t get out of bed that day. So, Princess Lilow didn’t get a visit from her barber that day. She didn’t get a visit from him the next day, or the day after that. In fact, it was a whole week before the royal barber’s sniffles had gone and he was well enough to visit the princess.


What he saw when he arrived surprised even him, and he had seen quite some things in his time. There was hair everywhere. There was hair tumbling out of windows and blocking up doorways, running down corridors and falling down stairs, there was hair in the bedrooms and throne room, the kitchens, and even in the royal swimming pool. “Thank goodness you are here barber, we so need your help,” gasped the queen.


So, the royal barber set to work cutting and snipping, crimping and combing until Princess Lilow’s hair was back under control.


Although she really loved her hair, it wasn’t all that much fun when it was so very, very long. She was so happy to be free again that she put on her favourite party dress, the blue one with a cloud of ocean blue ruffles and sparkly crystals around the waist, and invited all her friends round to play. She loves the magic that makes her pretty hair grow, but she no longer complains when the royal barber comes to visit, in fact, she almost looks forward to it… well, almost!

The Princess Lilow Gown

  • The Princess Lilow gown is an haute couture dress made from ocean blue silk and tulle fashioned into layers that bounce and ripple as your little princess dances and spins. The Swarovski crystal waistline adds a little extra magic to the gown and the finished result is a sight to behold in any kingdom.