The Princess Olga Gown


Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess called Olga who just loved to dance. She would dance around her bedroom, she would dance around the living room, she would dance around the kitchen and she would dance around the garden, twirling and spinning so her dresses would flow and float around her.


At school she danced with her friends, at home she danced with her mum, and when no one else was around she would dance by herself, because Olga had a dream that one day she would be a famous ballerina.


Unfortunately, for all her enthusiasm and practice, Olga had a tendency to wobble, topple and tumble. Her dance teacher told her she needed to be more graceful. “Head up, back straight, legs bent, and for goodness sake stop wobbling princess,” Madam Katerina would say impatiently. But, try as she might, Olga just couldn’t dance as she was told to, which made her sad.


To cheer her up, Olga’s parents surprised her with a trip to the ballet. Oh, it was so beautiful, so magical, and the ballerinas all so graceful, that Olga thought she must be dreaming. To make things even better, on the way home, her father danced with her, letting her stand on his feet while he whirled her around and around.


Olga still dreams of the ballet, but she no longer goes to Madam Katerina’s classes because she decided on that wonderful night that she would much rather just dance for fun. So today she dances with her friends, dances with her mum, and dances on her own when nobody else is around. And, once in a while, when she’s really lucky, she even gets to dance on her father’s feet, being whirled around and around and around.

The Princess Olga Gown

  • The Princess Olga gown was inspired by the story of a little girl who dreamed of growing up to be a ballerina. Light grey silk and tulle layers that flow and rise and fall when twirling, dainty in style, yet chic and majestic enough for a little princess to wear to a party, to a wedding, to a dinner, or even to the ballet…