The Princess Penelope Gown


Jenny was Princess Penelope’s favourite doll. She’d take her everywhere, braid her long chestnut brown hair, dress her up in teeny tiny gowns to match her own, and tuck her into the bed next to her when she slept. And every night the little princess would take a moment to say a prayer and wish that Jenny was a real girl.


Each morning when she woke and found her doll was still just a doll she would be just a little bit sad, but as soon as the tea parties, dress-up time, and dancing around the bedroom with Jenny started all that was forgotten, for a while at least.


One day the princess’s parents took her to a fair, a massive, sprawling temporary town of rides and shows, big tops and stands. And, in the centre of all that hustle and bustle was an area of emptiness, of stillness, and in the middle was a curious lone little tented structure with an red eye painted across one of its walls and a sign saying ‘Enter all who wish to wish’.


Princess Penelope, being a curious soul couldn’t help but peep through the canvas, doorway. “Come in my child,” came the cracked voice of the old woman seated at a table in the middle of the room. The princess obeyed, though she wasn’t sure why because she felt a little afraid. She sat in front of the old woman, Jenny clutched to her chest. “What do you wish to wish my child?” asked the old woman. Without even thinking, Princess Penelope said, “I wish Jenny was a real girl.” “I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that for a very long time,” said the old woman. “Take this doll’s dress and put it on her before bed, spin her around four times, hold her close, and wish her to be a real girl, and she will be.” The princess took the doll’s dress, which looked just like one of her favourite dresses at home, and ran out, too afraid to look back.


That night she did as the strange old woman had told her. She put Jenny in the new powder blue dress with teeny tiny flowers on it, such a pretty gown. She spun her around, clutched her hard to her chest, and whispered, “I wish you were a real girl Jenny.” She sat and waited and the minutes turned to hours, but nothing happened. Jenny was still the doll she had always been and the little princess was getting tired. Within a short while she was asleep and dreaming of castles and princes, much as she did every night.


As the sun rose the next morning and Princess Penelope awoke, she couldn’t believe what she saw. There at the bottom of her bed was someone asleep, dressed in a gorgeous powder blue gown with pretty little flowers all over it, someone who looked just like Jenny, only real. The girl opened her eyes, stretched her arms gracefully, and said, “Hello princess, what would you like to play today? Tea parties or dress-up?”

The Princess Penelope Gown

  • The Princess Penelope gown is for little princesses who value their friendships above all else. Fashioned from powder blue Habotai silk and tulle, trimmed with marine and silver ribbon, dotted with beautiful flowers, this is a gown that will transform any little princess into the fairy-tale princess of their dreams.