The Princess Sirivannavari Gown


“Sirivannavari, is this right?” called Arinya as she balanced on the stepladder on tippy toes to hang the banner, hoping with all her might that it was finally straight and she could get back down to earth again. “Yes, that’s wonderful, now could you come and help me with the invitations,” shouted back Sirivannavari.


Arinya didn’t like heights one little bit so she let out a sigh of relief and jumped down. She joined Sirivannavari and their friends at a table strewn with envelopes and cards, stamps and ribbons in the middle of what seemed like a chaotic scene of people running this way and that across the school field to get everything ready in time for the big day.


It had been hectic since Sirivannavari had persuaded the school to allow the senior year to put on a fashion show, but she was confident that it was all going well. She was, after all a master-organiser, sending her friends here there and everywhere, each with their own responsibilities and schedules, and slowly but surely the fashion show was taking shape. What had been just a grassy field now had a stage, changing areas, chairs aplenty, streams of pretty bunting and so many twinkly lights. Everything was in hand, nothing could go wrong. That afternoon was going to be so much fun.


But with an hour to go, as she and her friends were gathered in the changing rooms, a clap of thunder rolled through the skies. Sirivannavari and the others ran outside to look just as the rain came down. Rain unlike anything you or I have ever seen, huge drops in their millions fell from the heavens like a river from the sky. In moments, all their hard work was drenched.


As quickly as it had started, the rain stopped and the girls could see the devastation that had befallen their show. “We’ll never get it cleared up in time,” sobbed Sirivannavari, “it’s a disaster.”


But, do you know, Sirivannavari’s enthusiasm and hard work over the week had been infectious, and seeing the devastation, her classmates, teachers, family and all the villagers, pitched in to clean and clear, replace the sodden bunting, untangle the twinkly lights, find dry chairs and place mats over the muddy field. Sirivannavari’s fashion show was able to go ahead after all!


As she stepped out in her elegant black silk gown covered in lace and silver crystals she looked and felt every bit a princess. This day would remain with her for a very long time, the way everyone had helped, the smiles on her friend’s faces, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes after facing adversity, because when people come together, anything is possible. 

The Princess Sirivannavari Gown

  • The Princess Sirivannavari gown has a classic elegance that could make any little girl feel every bit the princess. From its sweetheart neckline and long sleeves, to the dark silver Swarovski crystals and beads that make it sparkle, this dress has been designed to wow and audience and to ensure that your little princess is the centre of attention no matter where she wears it.