The Princess Tunku Myra Gown


Boys, yuck. Surely they were all smelly beasts with no manners and far too much interest in mud, cake and silly games. Princess Tunku Myra had never had time for silliness. She was a very prim and proper princess who loved the sorts of things that prim and proper princesses loved, like dolls and dances, dresses – especially her flowing purple frock with all the crystals set into it for added shimmer – and dressing up. But boys, she had no time for boys.


Unfortunately, more’s the pity, she could not avoid them all the time, because each day she had to attend school in the village. Something about ‘understanding her people‘ her father would say. She learned to ignore all the chaos and paper aeroplanes, though, and she’d stare out of the classroom window each day, longing for the peace and quiet of her gardens.


After school, without fail, she would go for long walks in the palace gardens. She loved the sound of gravel underfoot, the smell of perfume from the fields of flowers, and the splish splash of the fountain, which was her favourite place to sit and watch the clouds blow by.


She always walked alone, but, today, someone else was there. Someone was peeking out from behind one of the azalea bushes, trying not to get stung by the bees buzzing around his head. She knew it was one of the boys from her class, though she couldn’t remember his name – but, then, why would she, and what was he doing in her gardens? “Shoo, go away,” she called out. With a rustle of leaves, the boy ran off. Princess Tunku Myra went to sit by her fountain and there on the marble surround was a little red rose. “Where did that come from,” she wondered, but didn’t think much more about it until the next day when she found another rose in the same place – and another the next day, and the day after that.


Each day she’d spot the boy from the village hiding behind a hydrangea bush or a willow tree, and each day she’d shoo him away, but she had to admit she was beginning to like the attention he was paying her.


And then, one day there was no rose to be found. As she stood there, disappointed, striding out from behind the shrubbery came the boy, a rose in his hand. He looked taller somehow, bolder. Smiling, he strode forward and, when he reached her, leant in and placed the rose delicately in her hair. In that instant the little princess knew that this was the start of something special. She knew he was her future and that they would be together forever. She just knew it, and you know what, she was right.  

The Princess Tunku Myra Gown

  • The Princess Tunku Myra gown has been created for a strong-willed little princess, someone who is well and truly her own person, but dreams of the softer things in life such as friends, family and true love. Purple has always had a connection with royalty and with many sparkling Swarovski crystals dotted around the lavish plumes of the gown, you’ll be left in no doubt that this couture dress will ensure that your little princess is the centre of attention at any party.