The Princess Willow Gown


A long time ago, in a kingdom far, far away, where it was always warm and sunny and the people always smiled, there lived a princess called Willow who was known throughout the land for her style and grace.


She loved to play dressing up in her royal gowns. She loved the floaty blue one that was the colour of the painted streets and mosaic tiled buildings in her city, she loved her deep red one because it was the colour of the flag of her father’s kingdom. But her favourite, the one she loved the most, was green – a gown with no equal, sewn in emerald tulle and stitched with ivory beading. This was the one she wore to every special occasion. And, on her birthday, she knew which gown she would be wearing to her party.


At breakfast, her mother gave her an early gift, a small green box wrapped in streamers of green ribbons. Inside was the most beautiful tiara Princess Willow had ever seen. She danced around the kitchen in delight until her parents left to do whatever it is that kings and queens have to do. But, when at last she sat down to finish her breakfast, the tiara had gone from the table!


She looked high and low, but it just wasn’t there. Later that afternoon, tears welling up in her eyes, she went to find her mother to tell her the beautiful tiara was lost. To her great surprise, when she reached her bedroom, there was the queen laying out her favourite green dress ready for the party, and next to it on the bed was the tiara, now with one of the green ribbons trailing from it. “I thought it would match your dress,” said her mother, and it did, it was the perfect shade of emerald green.


Smiling with joy and relief, Princess Willow put on her beautiful gown and watched in the mirror as her mother placed the tiara on her head. “This is going to be the best birthday ever,” she thought. And, do you know what? It truly was.

The Princess Willow Gown

  • The Princess Willow gown is fashioned from layer upon layer of emerald green tulle and silk with beautifully detailed ivory beading that goes around and around to make this dress fit for a princess. If your little princess has a birthday party to go to, a christening or simply loves to dress up in her best clothes, then this gown inspired by Princess Willow will be just the one for her.