Lady V Couture is always going to be ‘in vogue’, but today we are actually in Vogue. I’m so proud to say that what I would consider to be the world’s finest fashion magazine has taken an interest in Lady V Couture, and below you’ll find what they have published.

The page-sized photograph used in Vogue is of my very own princess, Lilow. She was, of course, my inspiration and the motivation behind the idea that became Lady V Couture. And, as a fairly typical five-year old girl, she has, of course, had a thing or two to say about each gown in our launch collection as they moved from ideas to sketches to designs and on to our amazing seamstresses to work their magic.

Lady V Couture has been a two-year labour of love to date, and we will soon be ready to launch our first full collection – fourteen stunning gowns, all designed for girls from three to twelve years of age, each inspired by real life princesses, vibrant in colour, extravagant in style and haute couture in quality.

Our gowns are handmade in London by some of the best seamstresses I have ever worked with, using the finest materials, traditional processes, and for a little added magic and sparkle, a healthy splash of Swarovski crystals and pearls.

If you would like to be one of the first to see our entire collection, to view the pictures from our exclusive photo shoot, and to have an opportunity to purchase the gown that will make your daughter feel like the princess you know she is, then simply leave us your contact details with the code ‘BEYONDVOGUE’.

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