Today I’m excited, I’m really excited, because today is the day my dream becomes a vivid colourful ruffled-tulle reality. For two years, I and my lovely team of designers and seamstresses have been working towards this day, and now it’s finally here, the launch of Lady V Couture – haute couture fashion, handmade in London for little princesses across the globe. Where it all started My husband and I were living in Brazil at the time. My daughter was a bubbly three-year-old, and my son was but a twinkle in our eyes. The day was warm, but, of course, this was Brazil so the days were often warm, and my daughter and I were taking a lovely stroll through the streets of our town, just having a little girl-time. What happened next was transformative, magical, so out of the ordinary that it will be treasured in my memory forever. A horse and carriage came out of nowhere and clattered to a halt across the street from us. We’d never seen anything quite like it before, and down from the carriage stepped a beautiful, sweet five-year-old girl in the most glorious of gowns. She looked from top to toe the perfect princess, as if she’d stepped straight off the page of any of my daughter’s fairy-tale books. There was nothing ‘fancy dress’ about this little girl’s attire though, she had on a sophisticated, elegant gown, as if on her way to a ball. We found out later that it was her birthday and her parents had gone all out to ensure that their little girl felt every bit the princess she dreamed of being. And that was it, that was my eureka moment when I knew what I wanted to do. Not only did I want to make my daughter feel that way, I wanted to help parents everywhere to feel the joy of making their daughter’s princess dreams come true in sophisticated haute couture fashion meets fairy-tale gowns for any occasion. And where we are now The last two years have not been without their challenges, but each has been faced and overcome to get us to where we are today. Lady V Couture launches today with the UK’s most glamorous and magical collection of fourteen gowns, each named after the real-life princess that inspired them, each with its own story, each with its own look, feel and style, so that every little princess-in-waiting can choose the one that suits them the best. Our official launch will be announced soon – there will be a glitzy party, a fashion show, an unveiling of the collection in its first live format, so watch this space for more photos, artist impressions, commentary of the event, and back stage pictures. We’re excited, I’m excited, and with such good reason. Today starts something special

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