Two kittens, two gorgeous children, and an unbelievably patient and supportive husband, make up our little family unit. I bet when you saw the ‘meet the designer’ title of this article you expected to see a list of designers I had studied under or fashion houses I’d worked for. Well, this is a different kind of meet the designer article, one where you get beyond the surface, where you actually find out a little more about who I am, what makes me tick and why I’m driven to produce only the most incredible haute couture gowns for little princesses around the globe.

Hello, my name is Lady Jacqueline Von Rutenberg, founder of Lady V Couture.

At the age of eleven I was a fairly typical little girl. I dreamed of castles, magic, far-away kingdoms and princes riding in to save the day and sweep me off my feet. I loved to draw, so I could often be found designing gowns that I might wear should I ever become the princess of my dreams. Maybe a little less typically, that’s what I still do today, though I found my prince some time ago, of course. I’m an incurable romantic – I love to allow my inner child to run free, and I design gowns that make little princesses feel like real little princesses, what could be better than that?

All my life I have been surrounded by, and marvelled at, chic fashion. I lived in Paris while pursuing my modelling career, São Paulo while bringing up my young family, and London where years of planning and development have culminated in a haute couture children’s fashion brand that I’m immensely proud of. I have travelled the world to see what has made the very best designers what they became, and to study what made them so special. And today I put all that knowledge into each unique handmade gown in our collection.

Inspiration for each gown can come from anywhere – my own experiences, a style I’ve seen and loved while out walking through the city, or from a story I’ve imagined or heard, which is why each one of the dresses has its own princess name and fairy tale to go with it, a representation of what inspired me to create such a gown.

Luckily, we’ve found a fabulous team of seamstresses, sketch artists and others in what I consider the capital of fashion, London, to help us make Lady V Couture all that it can be. Quality is at the heart of everything I create – only the very best materials and craftsmanship will do, which is why it has taken four years to get us to a point where we are happy to launch our collection. Nothing less than perfect will do. Every seam precisely straight, every Swarovski crystal in alignment, every powder blue flower as pretty as a picture. How else could we possibly hope to help your little princess to feel as beautiful and special as if she were a real princess?

So, let me welcome you to Lady V Couture and wish you every joy searching through our collection. Each of our gowns has its own personality, so we’re sure you’ll find the right one for the little princes waiting for you at home.

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